We’re launching June 1, 2015 and you’re invited! Get on our VIP Simplistic Wait List for your exclusive!¬†CLICK HERE to Be the first to grab your exclusive copy of our highly anticipated  Sales Simplicity WORKbook!

CLICK HERE to be the first to grab your exclusive copy of our highly anticipated Sales Simplicity WORKbook!

So what’s all the hype? What’s included?

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What you will discover:

  • List of “must have” essentials to “work” this book down to the last page
  • Truly define marketing and sales in its simplest form that makes sense! No boardroom fluffy crap!
  • The vital thing every product and service should have to be relevant in its market space
  • What will cause your marketing suicide
  • Exercises to help you uncover the true intentions behind filling your pipeline for meeting new prospects, building your lists, and establishing your brand –¬†so simple it will make you say “duuuuh“!!
  • Identify the marketing factors to consider when constructing your marketing plan
  • How to get a vast majority of your prospects to say “Oh yeah, where do I sign up?”
  • What to say when you ‘see” a prospect post a pain problem on social media
  • What vital components to include in your sales consult process
  • A breakdown to understand key pre-qualifying indicators when “vetting” your prospect clients
  • The anatomy of the simplistic solution process without shoving “sales” down their throats
  • Step-by-step hand held methods to construct and pitch your offer and MUCH MUCH MORE!!

I know you’re following me right?

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