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This has been a very crazy, emotional,  sleep deprived, and adrenalin rushing week for me! From pushing my goal deadlines to the limit, to forgetting my little love bugs had a scheduled school closure, to my love bugs  and I making all natural skin products and smoothies (quite yummylicious I might add… and yes I completely made that word up), to my little love bugs getting sick back to back, not to mention screaming at my TV while watching our relentless Wisconsin Badgers dominate in the NCAAM Tournament (they will be playing the University of Kentucky by this time next week #GoBadgers!)along with watching my two favorite NCAAW teams South Carolina and Notre Dame crash the boards to punch their tickets to the Final Four, to sitting here in the eleventh hour trying to complete my April editorial calendar for next month!  Yeah… I know… some week right?!?!? But hey… What’s a little excitement in the “Afterlife” without a splash of crazy? umm … don’t answer that! In spite of this week’s life curb ball (be it planned or unplanned) I came across a few interesting links I wanted to share! Enjoy LifeAfter9to5′ers

I had the fortunate opportunity to interview the amazing Andrea Owen of (don’t forget to watch for more details).  I didn’t want our conversation to end so I had to settle for the next best thing and that was becoming a part of her (you need to be apart of this too) email community! So when I signed up, I received not only her 20 page Ebook you see also post a few of her most popular blog articles and this one really stood out to me

What’s Your Money Personality? Check out these pros and cons of your money  personality! Can you relate?

Life After Obamacare - Obamacare in Jeopardy - Is this effecting you or someone you know?

Movie life after Paul Walker Furious 7 I can not wait to see how Ian Shaw gets revenge on the “furious” crew after killing his brother but I’m even more eager to see the on screen performance of Paul Walker long after his death from a  tragic accident in 2013.

Did you get an opportunity to catch one of the movies that hit the box office this weekend?

My Purple Passion of the Week – When I think of April, I think of Spring. I think of flowers blooming, new beginnings, and fresh starts in life and this little bundle of joy just sums it all up in one optic while rocking my favorite color!

Photo credit: Pinterest

Photo credit: PinterestdxvvXczxc

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Until next week… wishing you #LifeAfter9to5 success  ♥Erica♥

How To Upload Pics From Your PC to Your Instagram! [Video] w/Bonus Tips!

You’d love this quick tutorial if:

  • You had issues in the past  with other PC upload tutorials (because they didn’t give you the bonus step;))
  • You manage more than one IG account for yourself or your clients
  • You want to edit your photos with Image editing software and apps like Photoshop or Canva before uploading to your IG
  • You want to stay consistent with uploading your favorite QOTD, PicOfTheDay, KOTD, after your phone is dead or stolen (geez I hope that doesn’t happen but that’s life right?)
  • Want an alternative way to keep (or start) your branding process
  • You simply can’t use your phone at your desk and want/need to post to IG! (As long as your clicking your mouse at your desk they’ll think you’re being super productive anyway right.. lol!!- Ok so proceed using this tutorial with caution if using your work computer- remember the HR big brother is always watching!)
  • And much more, more!

IG and PC tutorial from Erica #LifeAfter9to5.

Gramblr is a pretty cool app that I came across simply because I have tons of Kodak moment photos on my computer that I’ve synced from my phone and really wanted to upload my pics to my Instagram account! Not to mention, I’ve gotten pretty savvy with my favorite pic editing app Canva and of course all of my revised pics are stored where?…. on my computer!! So I was thinking “How in the heck do my make laptop “talk” to my IG acct”? If you haven’t noticed when surfing IG from your PC the only three functions you can perform are liking, commenting and following new IG accounts

I knew some other amazing-preneur (or awesome tech geek) ran into this same problem. Well at least I had hoped they’ve run into this same problem. And to no avail the good ol Google search engines found a good number of Youtube videos explaining how to resolve this problem but there was still just ONE problem…. MY PROBLEM WAS SOLVED!

So this is where the “I’m not a tech geek chick but I’m really a low-key teck geek chick” came into play! I refused to settle for the fact that “these” tips were working for “Suzie Q” but I cannot seem to get my pics to upload. So I did what any other ” Digital Damsel in Distress” would do “Solve the problem myself”. Let me know if you tips help and what other ways you’re using my bonus tips!

So how did you like my tutorial? Did you get a “Ah Ha” moment?….. Drop me a love note and tell me one way you can utilize this App feature in your business? 

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My March Madness aka My March To Do List [Free Printable]

My first printable Ayye!!

My first printable Ayye!!

Take Moms out – There are a few days that are super duper important to mom and that’s Mother’s Day and her birthday. Her children (yes her grown children) better not miss the mark on either one of those days! Problem lays with finding something new and nice for her that she doesn’t already have or take her to place she hasn’t already been! #MarchMadness

My friend’s baby shower- Well I should correct that by saying it’s really my ex-coworker’s daughter’s baby shower.. yup now say that three times fast! So here’s the deal, I’m obviously still in contact with a lot of my former cubicle convicts ” aka working friends” but unfortunately they plan stuff on the weekends and for me Sundays after church is completely out! So I’m left with Saturdays! Having  to decide which events I’m going to make and which events I’ll need to take a “rain check” on (and which events I can be home by a decent hour because I had church on Sunday mornings!) Saturday well that sorta  just trumps everything else! Nonetheless going to events to support my friends are also important!

Re-Launch my newsletter – I’ve been so focused on my blog content week after week and planning month after month, my poor little Cubicle Chronicles somehow fell by the way side! Luckily my subscribers are also on my social media outlets so they still know what’s going on but it’s still not a good look to fade into the night like that!

Product Reviews – So I have products from my sponsors that I need to write reviews. They are my clients and I must accommodate my time accordingly this month!

Hanging with my lil sis – Ok well she’s not that little she’s grown! With our lives moving in so many different directions it’s good to connect and catch up. Besides she keeps me young!

My Daniel’s Fast menu list -  every year we (my husband and I ) participate in the Daniel’s Fast that last until Easter Sunday. Finding healthy foods that also taste good and being obedient to the restricted food list can be quite challenging!

My Cubicle Escape E-Store –  I’m a real out the box thinker and I’m planning to create an e-store exclusively for my cubicle convicts and my cubicle busters ! You’ll have to stay tune and see what I’ll do that’s so out the box!

I forgot to add one MAJOR to do on my March Madness list and that’s  WATCH MY COLLEGE GIRLS MARCH MADNESS B-BALL GAMES!!!  Yes, I am a tomboy at heart who grow up playing basketball and I still live my “coulda been life” through them on the screen! My two fav teams this season is Notre Dame and South Carolina!

Feel free to download my printable My Monthly To Do Template!

So what does your March To Do List look like for you? Drop a love note below! Also tell me what you thing of my first printable! Now go easy on me, it’s my first one!


Pay It Forward Freebie from Sarah Von Bargen


Pay It Forward Freebie Series

Pay It Forward Freebie Sarah Von Bargen

One of the most difficult things to do when trying to escape from your cubicle and start your own business is figuring out two things: 1) What should I pay for up front to jump start my business?

2) How much do I need to spend to jump start my business.

If you are like most working class citizens you are working to make ends meet and simply keep your head slightly above “financial waters”. Trust me I know I’m preaching to the choir on this one! As a consultant, it’s in my nature to look for ways to make things better. I wanted to create an easy outlet for cubicle convicts just like you to receive beneficial business tips at little to no cost, discover ways to make it your own and save a dollar or hundred here and there while you focus on growing your business. Hence, Pay It Forward w/Freebies was birth!

To kick off the first Pay It Forward Freebie series is Sarah Von Bargen. Not only does she give you amazing and valuable business tips but you can tell her personally just jumps off the screen while your reading! After I read a few of her blog articles, I really started to feel like I had a connection with her. Like “Wow!” she really gets me!


Sarah Von Vargen Pay It Forward Freebie with a awesome BONUS

Sarah Von Vargen Pay It Forward Freebie with a awesome BONUS


Although her extremely informative blogs are helpful enough, Sarah also offers not 1, not 2, but THREE amazing Freebies when you sign up!

So let’s get to it!

I tend to stumble across many blogs that look “cute” but are hard to read and when I mean by hard to read, I mean super cluttered with stuff; stuff like affiliate links, banner ads popping up everywhere and content that takes FOREVERRRR to get to the point! I’m mean seriously…get to the point already so I can do the other 7 things on my “to-do” list.

I didn’t get any of those blog surfing nightmares while reading Sarah’s blog site. She had a really cool opt-in where you would receive three (3) website recommendations after signing up for her newsletter. This was perfect timing because I was in the process of revamping my website and getting tips from THEE Sarah von Bargen was like a heaven sent! Can you say “winnnnnning“!!

Of the three tips, the most valuable for me was Sarah’s feedback on my “About Me” page (ok wait.. I don’t want to dismiss the other two suggestions because they too were extremely helpful)!

The previous state of my “About Me” page was not the direction I wanted to go during my website revamp stages and Sarah could sense that! (Yuuuup, she’s that good!) She recommended I add more meat to this specific page as this is the page most visited. Aaaaand she paid it forward by providing an awesome resource link to help with re-writing my “About Me” page and I strongly (hands down) recommend this link if you are struggling with the right words or the right layout or the right content. This link is not just filled with bullet points filled with mumbo jumbo Alexandra Franzen actually takes you through a complete brainstorming exercise to pull the best of yourself out!

As if this wasn’t enough, once you sign up to be apart of her email community you will also receive her 12 page EBook helping you pimp out your online presents! Take this opportunity to obtain these business tips and tools and use them as inspiration to rock your budget even if you are on Shoestring-Biz-A-Nista Budget!

Thanks for your amazing freebies and triple thanks for paying it forward it Sarah!

Get website recommendations + 12 page online productivity EBook here

Get these 5 tips to perfect your About Me page here

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Let’s keep paying it forward….. Drop me a love note and tell me one way you can utilize these freebies in your business? 

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