Word Escape of the Day! Why!

what's your Why?

what’s your Why?

Sometimes we get so fed up with our current situations that we’re often led by our emotions rather than the reality of our situation!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve blasted the words “I QUIT!”, “I’m Outta Here!”, “The H#!! with this!” etc… but once I’ve calmed my little hot-headed self down, the rational side of me kicked in and I realized I didn’t have a clue what my next move was going to be!

If you are going to be full throttle in the this business of being self-employed, entrepreneur, self-made, boss chick or whatever jazzy name you come up with; ask yourself “Why do I really want to leave this situation?”. Your answer to this question  must be bigger than you!

Take-Away: Don’t let your temporary circumstance cause you to make irrational decisions that would negatively impact your future! Make sure your WHY is bigger than your WHY NOT!

Escape Action: Write down three (3) reasons why you want to change your current situation. Think long and hard. Remove your emotion and resentment completely out of this process.

Do you have them written down? … Don’t cheat!… Now ask yourself, “Is my NEXT plan of action BIGGER than my CURRENT situation?”

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Let’s keep this party going… Tell me one reason why you’d want to leave your current circumstance! Drop me a love note below and I’ll share mine as well!

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Word Escape of the Day! Sacrifice

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After so many coaching sessions and networking with like-minded Cubicle convicts, it was really put on my heart last night to drop little nuggets of what I like to call #InspirationEscapes to help you get over the Corporate hump! (And it’s “Hump Day Wednesday HA!) Follow me on Instagram @lifeafter9to5_coach

#WordOfTheDay #Sacrifice – This word should be in the CENTER of your mental shift! To fully build your passion business who must take a strong hard look at your current situation, BE HONEST (or this will NOT work), and make CEO decisions of what you MUST sacrifice in your current lifestyle in order to bring your entrepreneurial vision to fruition. It could be frequent salon visits, shopping, frequent entertainment, non-profitable memberships, all the way down to certain friends and family in your current circle!


#EscapeAction – Write down three(3) things you know you must give up in order to build/grow your passion business? Leave a comment below and share your 3 sacrifices so we can take this journey with you!


Do you know someone who could benefit from this #WordoftheDay? Share this using your favorite social media outlet below!


#InstaQuote #InstaInspirations #LifeAfter9to5 #HustleHarder #SmallBiz #Entrepreneur #EscapeRoutes



Day 2 Challenge Getting Crystal Clear!

Day 2 Challenge Getting Crystal Clear

Day 2 Challenge Getting Crystal Clear

Ok so here we are on Day 2 and I really have to hit the ground running! Through all of this planning I’ve learned that people with clear and WRITTEN goals accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without clearly defined goals written down!

What I want to achieve over the next 21 days is consistency! I’ve come to terms with the fact that I get bored super-duper easily. If I’m not doing something that peaks my interest you probably got about 10 seconds before I pull a Vicki Gunvalson on you!

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Day 1 Getting What I Want!

My Day 1 Getting what I want Challenge



My Day 1 Getting what I want Challenge

I have a huge desire to help those in need especially those who are not utilizing their gifts in the right places. Seeing people simply settle in the livelihood because they must survive day-to-day is heart breaking. But what’s even more disturbing is seeing blood sucking sharks (CEO’s, Continue reading

4 Ways to Become a kickass underdog in your business!

Know your IT Factor!

Know your IT Factor!

Rayna James had her eyes on upcoming female artist [who by the way was all set to sign with the ”big fish” record label], at the last minute before getting on a plane, Rayna found out her prospect artist was looking to sign with her [Rayna’s] old record label and now competitor Edge Hill aka “big fish” in town “l! Awhile back, Rayna jump started her own new record label called “Hwy 65″ and being a new “start-up” label, she’s always looking for new hot talent [the underdog].

So just how did Rayna James sign this talent artist right from under her competitor’s nose?

It was quite simple actually; Rayna “one up’d” her competition! Continue reading

Day 7 [Video] Don’t be an educated fool

Day 7 Video Challenge Don’t Be An Educated Fool from EHV Consultants on Vimeo.

So which one is it for you? Do you fear “failure” or do you fear “success”?
This was more of a venting session for me because it really hardens my heart when I see blessed and talented individuals hide behind “busy activities” because of the “fear” that show ups when “real deal Holyfield” issues float up to the surface!

Leave your comment below sharing your “fear factor” and why! You can start by saying “I’m scared to failed because”. orI’m scared to become successful in my business because” …

Don’t worry, we all fear something! Take me for example, right now I fear I may not complete this video challenge because I have a boat load of stuff coming up! I also fear this video challenge will bring to the surface some imperfections in my execution process of things!

Day 6 [Video]Erica’s 7 Cool Fun Facts!


Check out my Day 6 Video [No Sneak Peak-Full Access!!!]

This is a get to know me video! I think you will be surprised by what I reveal about myself!
I’m sharing cool facts like:

  • Where I was born and why
  • How many states I’ve lived in
  • My favorite color and much more

Day 6 Erica’s Fun Facts!
Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

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