5 Life Lessons I learned from Joan Rivers

Today we suffered a major lost with the passing of the iconic Joan Rivers. Coming out as a female comedian during her era is just one of the boldest moves a woman could make. You’re a woman during those time and trying to compete in a male dominating industry’ yeah this was one “bad” chick”. Joan Rivers definitely made her mark and left us with lessons that every one of us can adhere to!JoanRiversLL1



 Keep pushing until they pull you in - Joan pressed on for years going town to town making people laugh with her antics on culture, marriage, and other serious issues. She finally got her break years later!


JoanRiversLL2 If you got something to say, then say it – One of the best things I loved about Joan Rivers is that you never had to question what she was thinking because she was a straight shooter and told you exactly how she felt. This was my kinda “girl”, she expressed a level of confidence and boldness which is deeply missed and much needed in our society of woman today. Imagine how much more confidence you would have if you just spoke your mind more often than not. (Clearly don’t have that problem -  but I did at one time) so speak up and be heard! Continue reading

Day 3 [Video] Repurpose your content using videos!

Day 3 VC Sneak Peak – 5 Ways to Re-purpose Your Content.

In this sneak peak you will discover
Just a few reasons why people are afraid to make videos and the First tip – Recycle your blog

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In this sneak peak you will discover:
Just a few reasons why people are afraid to make videos

The first tip – Recycle your blog

You want full access to this video? Become a Cubicle Buster Member to http://bit.ly/cbbreakroom

Day 2 [Video] 4 Common Mistakes to avoid when creating a video from home

Day 2 VC-SP 4 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Creating Videos From Home from EHV Consultants on Vimeo.

Here’s a sneak peak of my Day 2 video! I love sharing valuable lessons I’ve learned in hopes of helping someone else! To see the full video click here for your all access Cubicle Buster membership! 

The tips I provide in this video are extremely helpful for mompreneurs (poppreneurs!) with young children in the house, if you have a house like mine where there is a kid in every age group or you just have a circus running around in your house at any given time! Continue reading

Day 1 [Video] Videos are sooo intimidating!

Day 1 la925vc sneak peak from EHV Consultants on Vimeo.

I always said I would NEVER add videos to my online marketing because just like most people:

  • I was afraid to see myself camera
  • Didn’t have a clue of what I would talk about on camera
  • Fear messing up my words
  • I wasn’t technical enough to produce a quality video (I mean I knew nothing about videography)
  • Scared of how people would “see” me

Then I remembered a while back I made a promise to myself that I would take a bold stand in my business and do something that was lacking and much needed in my business. Just when I started to have doubt of this “bold move” I saw a short video on TED Talks by Matt Cutts that was inspired by Morgan Spurlock (You know the guy who expose McDonald’s with his 30 days experiment!) to do something different for thirty days. Check out the video here:

You will see from this video I am nervous as H-E-double hockey sticks. Its an inherited fact that I naturally talk fast but geez!  Let’s just say I wish I knew a thing or two about video editing after looking back at this video!

Even though I am my biggest critic this challenge is going to do more for me as a leader! Every single person on the planet has room for improvement and I’m not excluded in that statement. What I hope to gain by the end of this challenge is simply allowing myself to be more open on the surface and maintain a consistency with my blogging. I have a really bad habit of writing TONS of blogs in my notebook and somehow they just never seem to transfer over to my website. I know right, how selfish is that?

I want to thank you in advance for taking this journey with me as I embarrass myself like crazy but hopefully grow along the way! Hey…. now that I think about it, you’re watching history in the making!

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7 ways to keep your business from going under when school is over!


7 ways to keep your business from going under when school is over

For the past month I’ve been saying I need to get started on my “Summer Business Model”! What is a summer business model you ask?

This is a temporary layout for your company with strategic processes in place to ensure your business does not lose its momentum doing a seasonal shift.

Now you are probably asking yourself,

Did Erica create that definition herself?” Absolutely I did!

And why not? It’s my business and I have the authority to change the dynamics as I see fit (as long as it’s pleasing to Continue reading

Five That Thrive May 1, 2014

April showers brings May flowers!

April showers brings May flowers!

I heard somewhere that April showers bring May flowers! I know this to be true because we have been getting rain left and right! but we’re also starting to see a nice change in scenery too! Then it hit me! I should dig up my business notebooks and spring a new buster into action!   I’m created Five That Thrive because as I read and research the Continue reading

7 Must Have Basketball Tactics To Survive The Game Of Business!

7 Basketball Tactics To Use Right Now In Your Business

In the spirit of the end to a great March Madness and another talented collegiate basketball season, I’m bringing #CubicleEscapeTips with the intent to challenge you mentally and physically in your business! (Although I’m slightly happy to get my weekends, Mondays and Tuesdays nights back until next year lol!) In your business, you should have a consistent schedule of “to-do’s” everyday; but also in your business there should be a point where you challenge yourself to take your business to the next level! As a coach for not only entrepreneurs but for basketball players also; I wanted to  provide a parallel principal for basketball tactics you can “steal” for your business!

Challenge yourself in your business!

Challenge yourself in your business!

ChallengeA defensive team will add pressure to the ball focusing their opponents to “step up to the plate”! Being challenged in this defensive tactic takes the offensive out of there comfort zone! Identify the area most valuable strength you have to grow your business, such as: being a “people person”, “social butterfly”, extremely organized very consistent, to-do list junkie, etc.; now raise the bar! Chances are you are in a very “comfortable” state in your business; it’s time to SPRING into action and take your skills up a notch! Continue reading

Top 4 Life Changing Steps For Rebranding Your Business

I’ve been playing basketball since the age of eleven. Basketball has always been my place of peace and comfort. It was something about running plays and working with my team mates trying to outsmart the competition that just gave me goose bumps! The biggest highlight of it all was knowing we would play a top seeded team, who had a perfect winning season or playing that rival team and their senior was looking to gain all the highlights; coming in being the underdogs and shutting up those crazed fans just completely gave me an adrenaline rush! While I still have love for the game, I realized I am older now and the muscles and bones just don’t cooperate like they use to; but I still find great peace and comfort watching two teams go head to head in 40 minutes of battle!

I know it sounds weird but I find great blogging inspiration from watching basketball games and watching SuperSoul Sunday (On Continue reading

Do You Have A Purpose That Matters? (I’m Cultivated Part I)


Break-Free In Your MIND

Break-Free In Your MIND

I am sitting here watching SuperSoul Sunday and listening to Dr. Brene Brown and man is this lady is DEEP! When she speaks it’s like she’s touching something within me that is indescribable! A good portion of what she was said I’ve heard time and time and I’ve even said a few of these heart-felt words to my coaching clients. But today was one of those Continue reading

Sometimes You Gotta Turn The World Off!

Break-Free In Your MIND

Break-Free In Your MIND


I try to pencil in time one day a week where I can just turn the “world” OFF. I mean from phones, checking emails, sneaking on my tablets, surfing the internet, etc I am completely detached! I use this time to journal, read scriptures (Even though I should be reading my Bible, I’m trying but I’m not there yet!) and catch up on my DVR recorded shows. Now I’m not talking about scripted shows such as Modern Family(I love this show Cameron and Phil are hilarious)  or Scandal (No explanation needed!), I’m talking about shows that add true substance to my life and to my spirit such as the ever so popular OWN channel and spiritually based TV networks.


Even though I go to church on Sundays and Bible Study on Wednesdays, I sometimes find it challenging to  live in an “Worldly Environment” where I’m faced with my own reality and the reality of loved ones near and dear to me. So I record my “value-added” shows, let them pile up in my DVR list and pick a day (or half a day) to watch these shows to gain constant affirmations and positive reinforcement in my life and daily walk. This helps me to not only strive to become a better person more and more each day but it also helps to increase my “heart-space”. This is vital for me being a mom, wife and business coach.

Trying to stay “centered” isn’t always easy but I’m glad I am able to discipline myself to disconnect from the world and reconnect with myself! Oooh yeah! TWEET that!

Tweet: Sometimes you have to#disconnect from it all and #reconnect with yourself! #CoachingForTheSoul #LifeAfter9to5 http://ctt.ec/4d8n3+

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my thoughts!

Do you ever just turn the world off? What measures do you take to stay centered and grounded?

Helping You Break~Free From Your Cubicle Jail Cell