4 Ways to Become a kickass underdog in your business!

Know your IT Factor!

Know your IT Factor!

Rayna James had her eyes on upcoming female artist [who by the way was all set to sign with the ”big fish” record label], at the last minute before getting on a plane, Rayna found out her prospect artist was looking to sign with her [Rayna’s] old record label and now competitor Edge Hill aka “big fish” in town “l! Awhile back, Rayna jump started her own new record label called “Hwy 65″ and being a new “start-up” label, she’s always looking for new hot talent [the underdog].

So just how did Rayna James sign this talent artist right from under her competitor’s nose?

It was quite simple actually; Rayna “one up’d” her competition! Continue reading

Cubicle Buster Spotlight Julie AKA KickAss Biz Coach

CBS Julie F Kickass Biz Coach

I had the pleasure of interviewing this smart, savvy, and did I mention…  “Kickass” Business Coach! We shared a lot of laughs and “Ah Ha” moments throughout this interview.  That’s right, so I strongly advise after you SPEED READ through this interview you go back and HEAR the FULL audio version and GRAB a  pen and piece of paper while you’re at it!

 Julie will share her journey of “Busting Down the Cubicle” after being a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) for twenty years, running the financials for her former husband’s business while at home, and then leaving a failed marriage of twenty years and also leaving the financial support!

Find out what happened to this Cubicle Buster after she moved 1400 miles across country (1400 miles? Wheeeew that’s far! Talk about #NewBeginnings)

So tell me a little bit about your business and what you have going?

I coach women who want to be entrepreneurs either in starting a new biz and laying the foundation for that or taking a biz that’s sort of been a hobby business or putting along and just stuck and breaking them loose and pushing them up to the next level of growth!

How did you get out of your Cubicle Jail Cell [the first time]? Continue reading

Day 7 [Video] Don’t be an educated fool

Day 7 Video Challenge Don’t Be An Educated Fool from EHV Consultants on Vimeo.

So which one is it for you? Do you fear “failure” or do you fear “success”?
This was more of a venting session for me because it really hardens my heart when I see blessed and talented individuals hide behind “busy activities” because of the “fear” that show ups when “real deal Holyfield” issues float up to the surface!

Leave your comment below sharing your “fear factor” and why! You can start by saying “I’m scared to failed because”. orI’m scared to become successful in my business because” …

Don’t worry, we all fear something! Take me for example, right now I fear I may not complete this video challenge because I have a boat load of stuff coming up! I also fear this video challenge will bring to the surface some imperfections in my execution process of things!

Day 6 [Video]Erica’s 7 Cool Fun Facts!


Check out my Day 6 Video [No Sneak Peak-Full Access!!!]

This is a get to know me video! I think you will be surprised by what I reveal about myself!
I’m sharing cool facts like:

  • Where I was born and why
  • How many states I’ve lived in
  • My favorite color and much more

Day 6 Erica’s Fun Facts!
Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

Thank you for watching!

Day 5 [Video] Make the camera lens your best friend.

Make the camera lens your best friend.

 Looking at the lens is by far one of the most disciplined behaviors you have to master besides having a good talking point!

Check out my Day 5 Video as I discuss how to become one with the lens! If you liked my sneak peak come on over to “Break-Room” and gain full access to all of my video challenges. Click here for full access

Day 5 VC Sneak Peak

 A few things I’d like to share that I’m learning along the way is how to Continue reading

5 Life Lessons I learned from Joan Rivers

Today we suffered a major lost with the passing of the iconic Joan Rivers. Coming out as a female comedian during her era is just one of the boldest moves a woman could make. You’re a woman during those time and trying to compete in a male dominating industry’ yeah this was one “bad” chick”. Joan Rivers definitely made her mark and left us with lessons that every one of us can adhere to!JoanRiversLL1



 Keep pushing until they pull you in - Joan pressed on for years going town to town making people laugh with her antics on culture, marriage, and other serious issues. She finally got her break years later!


JoanRiversLL2 If you got something to say, then say it – One of the best things I loved about Joan Rivers is that you never had to question what she was thinking because she was a straight shooter and told you exactly how she felt. This was my kinda “girl”, she expressed a level of confidence and boldness which is deeply missed and much needed in our society of woman today. Imagine how much more confidence you would have if you just spoke your mind more often than not. (Clearly don’t have that problem -  but I did at one time) so speak up and be heard! Continue reading

Day 4 [Video] Avoid these common mistakes

 Its amazing how technically has evolved so much to the point where we have almost everything at our disposal via our smartphone devices. I remember the time when I would upgrade my phone model because the phone service was better now smartphones are being marketed to promote upgrades based on higher gigabytes and pixel resolution!

 Seriously most of the time our smartphones are glued to our hip (well should I say glued to our hand). This is a great opportunity to create Vlogs on the fly (Stay tune I actually record another video challenge using my smartphone!)

If you’re new to the word vlog; it simply means Continue reading

Day 3 [Video] Repurpose your content using videos!

Day 3 VC Sneak Peak – 5 Ways to Re-purpose Your Content.

In this sneak peak you will discover
Just a few reasons why people are afraid to make videos and the First tip – Recycle your blog

Become a Cubicle Buster Member to view full access http://bit.ly/cbbreakroom

In this sneak peak you will discover:
Just a few reasons why people are afraid to make videos

The first tip – Recycle your blog

You want full access to this video? Become a Cubicle Buster Member to http://bit.ly/cbbreakroom

Day 2 [Video] 4 Common Mistakes to avoid when creating a video from home

Day 2 VC-SP 4 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Creating Videos From Home from EHV Consultants on Vimeo.

Here’s a sneak peak of my Day 2 video! I love sharing valuable lessons I’ve learned in hopes of helping someone else! To see the full video click here for your all access Cubicle Buster membership! 

The tips I provide in this video are extremely helpful for mompreneurs (poppreneurs!) with young children in the house, if you have a house like mine where there is a kid in every age group or you just have a circus running around in your house at any given time! Continue reading

Day 1 [Video] Videos are sooo intimidating!

Day 1 la925vc sneak peak from EHV Consultants on Vimeo.

I always said I would NEVER add videos to my online marketing because just like most people:

  • I was afraid to see myself camera
  • Didn’t have a clue of what I would talk about on camera
  • Fear messing up my words
  • I wasn’t technical enough to produce a quality video (I mean I knew nothing about videography)
  • Scared of how people would “see” me

Then I remembered a while back I made a promise to myself that I would take a bold stand in my business and do something that was lacking and much needed in my business. Just when I started to have doubt of this “bold move” I saw a short video on TED Talks by Matt Cutts that was inspired by Morgan Spurlock (You know the guy who expose McDonald’s with his 30 days experiment!) to do something different for thirty days. Check out the video here:

You will see from this video I am nervous as H-E-double hockey sticks. Its an inherited fact that I naturally talk fast but geez!  Let’s just say I wish I knew a thing or two about video editing after looking back at this video!

Even though I am my biggest critic this challenge is going to do more for me as a leader! Every single person on the planet has room for improvement and I’m not excluded in that statement. What I hope to gain by the end of this challenge is simply allowing myself to be more open on the surface and maintain a consistency with my blogging. I have a really bad habit of writing TONS of blogs in my notebook and somehow they just never seem to transfer over to my website. I know right, how selfish is that?

I want to thank you in advance for taking this journey with me as I embarrass myself like crazy but hopefully grow along the way! Hey…. now that I think about it, you’re watching history in the making!

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