#LifeAfter9to5 Chat Participant

***Mark Your Calendars, Set A Reminder, Create An Alert; Every Thurs @ 8pm CST***

Who? #LifeAfter9to5 Twitter live chat is for entrepreneurs who are ready to pass up the check and pursue their passion but are looking for “result-driven” answers to help with this life changing transition.

What? Our live chat is a business building outlet to promote and support this much-needed community of professional change makers.

When? Our live chats will be held every Thursday night @ 8-9 p.m. CST

Where? We use TweetChat using #hashtag, #LifeAfter9to5 (chat tools such as TweetChat and Hootsuite will isolate the “noise” of the twittersphere!)

Why? Meet and converse with thought-provoking entrepreneurs just like you. Get immediate answers to your business building questions. Engage in healthy discussions surrounding the challenges of work getting in the way of your business. Not to mention….It’s free coaching for an hour! Why not pick our brains?!?!?!

How? First things first, you must have a Twitter account to participate! It probably wouldn’t hurt to follow us @ehvconsultants. Have a question? Tweet us your question right here on our website (Look to your right!)

***Mark Your Calendars, Set A Reminder, Create An Alert; Every Thurs @ 8pm CST***

Participation Rules

  • Join when you feel comfortable – there is no pressure! Jump in the conversation when ever you’re  ready!
  • Ask questions – Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Pick our brains that’s what we’re here for!
  • Connect with others – Going from employee to entrepreneur can be a frightening change. There’s a level of anxiety that seems to disappear when you know they’re others out there just like you!We encourage you to connect and become ambassadors for one alone..letting them know they are not alone!
  • Connect with the moderator – We don’t bite we’ll even make sure to eat prior to the chat! Feel free to ask us questions before and after the chat! (If availability permits)
  • Respect the community - Topics may not align with your particular situation and that’s ok! It’s enough to go around! If a topic does not pertain to your particular issue, be kind, allow others in the community to have their “Break-Out” movement!
  • Reap the benefits – Within 24hrs we will post summarized highlights of our twitter chat convos in case you need to jot down helpful tips or would like a quick written recap!

**Mark Your Calendars, Set A Reminder, Create An Alert; Every Thurs @ 8pm CST***

Suggestions? We encourage you to leave your comments below!

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